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About Me

I am passionate about training young horses.

I believe every horse deserves a quality education, tailor made for their learning and physical abilities.
My aim is to produce calm, confident and happy horses that are ready to step up to a challenge and work hard for their riders.



Breaking-in/ starting horses
Your horse will be educated over a period of
6-10 weeks to work confidently under saddle.


I will gradually bring your horse into work and
achieve base level fitness for the new


Your horse will be classically schooled to
work into the bridle, respond to rider aids and
build up a strong topline.


Your horse will be carefully educated to jump
confidently and professionally over a variety
of obstacles.


Casual riding
I will come and work your horse/s for you.


Trackwork riding
I will work your horse/s according to your
instructions for pacework, gallops, jump-outs
and hurdle schooling.


I will accompany your horse and prepare
them for the races.


Heavy duty clippers for body clips, and also
small quiet clippers to trim those delicate


Grooming services
This can include washing, brushing, trimming,
mane pulling and plaiting.


General groundwork
Includes all stable duties, bandaging, holding
your horse for the vet, farrier, dentist etc.


I will help you and your horse to perform
better and achieve your goals.


Other services
Includes but is not limited to: Float schooling,
retraining difficult horses, rehabilitation from
injury, feeding advice, purchasing and selling


My History

I come from a family of trotting trainers and blacksmiths. I started Pony Club when I was 8 years old, rode my first stallion at 12 and rode my first breaker when I was 15. I have been blessed to have fantastic instructors and trainers who pushed me to ride any and every horse with a kind but firm hand. This aided me to compete in Pony Club gymkhanas at regional level and secondary school show-jumping and eventing at national level.

I trained a young horse by myself at 16 who went on to be my open eventer.
At 16 I also began working with gallopers before school which provided me with invaluable knowledge and experience.
I was flown with a horse to the South Island at 18 for Riccarton cup week.

At 24, to gain more experience with colts I travelled to Sydney where I spent a month working and riding gallopers at Warwick Farm. Later I spent a few weeks at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.

When I returned I began my own business in Tauranga starting and schooling horses from all backgrounds and for a myriad of disciplines.

I started and prepared a horse for the ready-to- run sales in 2014, and also spent 6 months working and riding predominantly colts in a busy ready to run stable.

I have since relocated to Matamata however I still travel to Tauranga regularly.


My Qualifications and Achievements

  • Pony club certificates to C+ level
  • Certificate of Merit for Equestrian 2003 Otumoetai college
  • Equestrian team manager 2004/2004 Otumoetai college
  • Correspondence school certificate of excellence in Equine studies 2004 Otumoetai college
  • Certificate of Merit in Equine studies 2005 Otumoetai college
  • NZQA unit standards (Telford rural Polytechnic)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the nature and requirements of a career in the equine industry
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the thoroughbred racing industry structure
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the conditioning and feeding requirements of horses for specific activities
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the procedure for bringing a horse into work
  • Identify structure and function of horses’ body system and associated problems
  • Identify plants and trees which a potentially poisonous to horses, and describe methods of removal
  • Assess stable design and construction
  • Bachelor of Science (Waikato University), Specified programme of Biochemistry
  • Graduate Diploma (Otago University), Pharmacology
  • Postgraduate Diploma (Waikato university), Chemistry





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